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Ratifications of Reynders

Reynders as general contractor of building constructions and civil architecture bears the highest ratification from the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure since 1981 namely Classification 8. Below is a survey of the ratifications of Reynders.

Class 8 Category D General contracting of structures
  Subcategory D1 All rough structures and roofing of buildings
  Subcategory D5 General cabinet work, wooden trusses and stairways
Class 7 Subcategory D4 Sound and thermal insulation, light partition walls, false ceilings and sprung floors, whether or not prefabricated
Class 5 Subcategory D17 Central heating, thermal installations
  Category E General contracting of civil engineering
  Category G General contracting of earthworks
  Subcategory P1 Electric installations in buildings, including installing power generators, the equipment for fire alarms and theft reports, telecommunications in buildings and their surroundings and installations or equipment for mixed telephony
Class 4 Subcategory D18 Ventilation, air heating and airconditioning
  Subcategory D20 Metal joinery
  Category F General contracting of metal constructions
  Subcategory F2 Construction of metal supporting structures
Class 3 Subcategory D16 Sanitary installations and heating installations on gas by means of separate appliances
  Subcategory P2 Electric and electromechanical installations of artefacts, industrial equipment and electric outdoor installations
  Subcategory P3 Installing of overhead power lines
  Subcategory S1 Public telephone and telegraph equipment
Class 1 Category C General contracting of road constructions
  Subcategory C1 Ordinary sewerage works
  Subcategory C5 Bituminous pavement and coverage
  Subcategory D8 Roofing in asphalt or similar products, sealing works
  Subcategory D24 Restoration of monuments