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Reynders has an experience of more than 100 years in the construction sector. The company has climbed up to the highest category in the sector and is active in the field of new buildings, renovation, finishing works and interior joinery.

A fixed core of very qualified employees and a group of quality minded subcontractors guarantee a perfect development of each project. Planning, organization and a passionate quality control guarantee a satisfied customer and continuity.

In order to comply with the wishes of the client as much as possible, the construction company has the possibility to think along about the best solution in a construction team already at the draft of the plans. The company itself does not design any concepts. It presents itself as a pure executor that thinks along with the designing architects, the interior architects or the engineering offices and that puts its know-how at the disposal for the realization of projects. In that way, the cooperation will pay for all involved parties and a partnership with Reynders is not an empty word.

Reynders with its skilled employees and very modern equipped machine, assembly and lacquer workshops is able to bring the most complex construction and interior projects to a favourable end. With each of these orders, quality and speed go hand in hand with the continuing search for modernization and the application of the most modern techniques. The company has a thermo transformer installation to process Solid Surface (Corian, Kerrock, GetaCore, ...).

The impressive list of references is the best proof that Reynders is a modern and performant company with the capacity to realize the most daring projects.

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